What’s Your Size Sexy? Find your perfect fit!

Hello again, Alexandra here bringing you your weekly dose of curvy girl realness! Let’s get intimate, today we are talking about how to find the perfect bra fit and size to support your girls! Before we begin I have a question, what’s your size sexy?

Ashley Graham Lace and Striped Showstopper

We should all feel comfortable and confident at any size, but there is an unspoken epidemic plaguing most women. Are you one of the many ladies who cannot wait to get home and take her bra off? That may be because you are not wearing the right bra size or shape. Approximately 70% of women are wearing the wrong size, which is a shocking number! We are walking around pulling at our band, adjusting our straps, or stuffing our lady lumps back in when we don’t have to. Do you think you may be falling into this large majority? We have the solution, Addition Elle bra fit experts to the rescue!

Déesse Flawless Teaser

All Addition Elle stores have expert bra fitters to help make sure your girls are getting the love and care they deserve! You can call ahead to make an appointment at your local store for a 15-20-minute fitting and consultation on what bra is best for you. It is not just the proper size that matters, different styles may suit different breast shapes better than others. Our bra experts will help you choose the right fit and whether you want a bra with a little padding, a little more, a lot, or if you want your bra to be all you!

Déesse Balconet with Lace

I recently went into my local store and had a lovely experience with Isabelle at Pointe-Claire store. She took my measurements and let me know that I am not a 36DDD like I thought, I’m a 36G! Although they are very close in size, I am loving life in my proper size! She also helped me choose the right bra for my breast shape which has also made all the difference. I wanted something comfortable for everyday and she suggested the Ashley Graham Lace and Striped Icon T-shirt Bra! This was a life changing moment, I can wear this all day without feeling uncomfortable.

Ashley Graham Lace and Striped Icon T-Shirt Bra

If you cannot make it into a store here are some tricks from The Lingerie Guide:

You can also find a bra size calculator, 7 fun bra facts, and how to properly care for your bra!

Let us know how your bra fit goes and if you were shocked at your real size.
We love supporting you and your girls!

Alexandra -xoxox-

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