Spring Break Checklist!

Hey again, Alexandra here, your friendly Addition Elle Social Media gal!
Are you as tired of the winter as I am? It needs to end asap. I am dreaming of my spring break getaway and making my checklist of what I’ll be packing for some fun in the sun!

Item 1: The Perfect Swimsuit!
You should know I am a Pisces and completely addicted to the water! So it should come as no surprise that the first thing I do when I land is get to my room, put on my swimsuit, and find the closest source of water I can.

Cactus One-Piece Swimsuit – Classic, beautiful, and stylish details.
Cactus Peplum Tankini and High Waist Ruched Swim Bottoms – The removable straps will allow to swim with support and tan without lines.

Items 2 & 3 – Tee and Shorts
This shirt says it all, sorry not sorry I am wearing shorts because who wants to be hot in the sun? Not me! These L&L shorts are perfect to throw on for a daytime activity or pair them with a fancier top and heels for a nighttime look.
I am guilty of being an over-packer, so I bring as many t-shirts for as days as I’ll be gone. Who knows what color or fit I’ll be feeling that day?! A girl needs her options.

Love and Legend Distressed Jean Shorts
Find your perfect tee in our Tee Shop

Item 4: Dresses
When I head down south to escape the winter months I want to wear as few layers as possible. Slipping on a dress and being good to go is what I am all about! I have a list of dresses I need for any vacation; daytime casual, versatile day-to-night, and fancy for a special dinner or activity.

Michel Studio Cold Shoulder Stripe Dress – trendy and flowy for a perfect daytime dress.
Michel Studio Sleeveless Maxi Dress with Lace Up Detail – this is such a versatile dress and can be dressed up for nighttime or paired with sandals for a daytime walk.

P.S. My secret for thigh chub rub?
Put some deodorant on your inner thighs before heading out and you will be golden!

Item 5: Self-Confidence
For some the idea of being on a beach in a swimsuit, in shorts, or a slinky dress may make them feel some feels. But I say it’s not what you wear, it is how you wear it! If you feel confident in your look, you are going to have the most amazing time and turn heads. See that smile on my face, even with my cellulite showing? It is because I feel great in my own skin…and am just eager to get in the water!











Cactus Printed One-Piece Swimsuit  

Hope you all have the most fun on your spring break!

Alexandra –xoxox-

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