Ever wonder what it would be like to sneak behind the scenes of a photo shoot? Get to see the models in all their glory, and the glam squad behind it all? Well look no further, because we’ve got a treat for you.

Leslie-Ann Thomson, one of Canada’s hottest and most sought-after makeup artists, has let us into her world. She is a talent like no other, having worked with the likes of Lancôme, Priyanka Chopra, Rollin Stone, oh and did we mention – Addition Elle? (She’s our fave!) Not only is she a much-loved makeup artist on our sets, she is also an Addition Elle enthusiast and part of our #FashionDemocracy tribe. We caught up with the beauty-guru and asked for her thoughts on beauty, the world of plus size, and her must-haves when stranded on a desert island. You wouldn’t believe what she had to say!


What made you want to be a makeup artist?

“The world of art and fashion was always something that interested me.[…] I always loved doing my own makeup and with no formal training, I decided one day to start building a portfolio so I could start working as a makeup artist. One of my first jobs was Toronto Fashion Week when I worked on 10 shows.”

What are the top makeup colors for Spring?

“We’re seeing pops of color on the eyes in liner or color blocking form. There is also a huge nude—barely there makeup trend making a comeback. No makeup—makeup.”

What is your best beauty secret?

“Always wearing sunglasses, so I never squint my eyes. This might be something I made up, but I strongly believe that it prevents wrinkles. Also staying out of the sun is my secret to preserving my skin, and prevent discolorations. Exercise for obvious reasons, especially boxing and Pilates. Actually, I can’t miss a good boxing training. It evacuates the stress and it leaves me with a glowing smile.”

What’s your fashion democracy?

“My fashion democracy […] Accessibility. For me, being able to access the stylish clothing I want, when I want and in my size, is the ultimate liberty.”

What’s your must-have Addition Elle piece of the season?

“The faux-leather fringe jacket: Perfect for day and night. We all need a versatile statement piece. Furthermore, it’s right on trend! “

What advice would you give young girls shopping in the plus-size fashion world? 

“Try a lot of different clothes on. Get to know your body and what fits you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and embrace your curves.”


What makeup do you always carry in your purse?

“Mascara, concealer, bronzer and a few different lip colors”

Take a look at her top picks for each:

  • Mascara: IT COSMETICS Superhero mascara
  • Concealer: NARS Radiant creamy concealer and Touche Éclat from YVES SAINT LAURENT
  • Bronzer: CHARLOTTE TILBURY Film star bronze and glow and Hula from BENEFIT
  • Lip colors: NARS Mysterious Red velvet matte lip pencil, REVLON ultra-HD matte lip color in Forever, BURT’S BEES lip pencil in Niagara Overlook

If you were stranded on a desert island and if you could only bring three products what would they be?

“1. Sunscreen 2. Moisturizer 3. A face mist. All about skin. . . Because who’s doing their makeup on a desert island anyways? Ps: Also I’d bring snacks.”

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