Swimsuit Season is Here!

Hello Summer!

Although in many parts of North America Mother Nature has forgotten it is summer time, we are still loving the sunny days when we get to be at the beach, or lounging around a pool!
Here at Addition Elle one of our favorite parts of summer is slipping into the cutest swimwear, but we know that not all you plus size ladies are ready to get into a two-piece, or are not as comfortable in swimwear at all. We want you to know that if you have a body, then you have a beach body! To give you ladies a little pep-talk we have reached out to Jazzy Owens of A Body Positive Jazzy, who had a viral post last month about loving herself! She wants to give you all the encouragement you need to get into that bikini and sizzle like the goddess you are!

Here are some of our favorite looks, and Jazzy’s message as well as story will follow!

What is more of a swimsuit staple than a black one piece?
We want you to shine and turn heads, so this one has a bit of a twist!
The Cactus One Piece Swimsuit has been flying off the shelves, and we think it would look gorgeous on anyone wanting to take a bit of a risk this summer! The cutouts add that extra sexy edge to this look.

Are you more of a sporty summer gal? This Nola Color Block Bikini is fashion-forward and well fitting. The high-waist bottom and full coverage top will let you run around on the beach without a care in the world! And the zipper detail lets you be as revealing as you want! Comfort and style, LOVE!

This is where we want you to step a bit out of your comfort zone. The classic triangle bikini can be intimidating for some, but we know you will look amazing in it! All eyes will be on you in this super sexy bikini and the halter top will keep your girls right where they should be! The low cut bottom will let you show off that gorgeous summer tan and the rounded side laces will allow you to adjust for comfort!

Pep talk time!

Last month the internet blew up when Jazzy Owens posted a picture, to her @a_body_positive_jazzy Instagram account, of her and her husband smiling on the beach. We shared the viral post and the response we had from our fans was incredible! Your support and love, as well as relating to Jazzy did not go unnoticed and we had to let her know! Last week we spoke with the 25-year-old mother of two, and wife to a wonderful husband, to find out how that post came to life. Here is what she had to say below!

“This was the first time I wore a two-piece on the beach, and I was scared at first. I had my cover-up on, and we were sitting next to a group of men so I was iffy about taking [the cover] off…I didn’t want them to think I was disgusting. At one point I just decided ‘I am going to do it’ and I took off the cover and no one was looking at me differently,” she said.

We are so happy she did, because we would not have all fallen in love with her if she hadn’t! We also asked her what prompted her to write the post and her answer made us smile from ear to ear! “I was sitting with my husband and I asked him if he would want me to lose weight, and he said no that I was perfect. He had always told me I was perfect, but I could never figure out why. Then I was looking at the picture, which we did not know was being taken, and I was [legitimately] happy that day. Usually I am hiding on the beach and that day I felt free, I was happy and I’ve never felt that happy…let alone in a two-piece! I just wanted to share that happiness with other women like me.”

The post went viral because of Jazzy’s full honesty and willingness to share. She did let us know that since having kids her stomach has bothered her, but she was no longer going to let that stop her from loving herself every day. We asked her what advice she had for other women to find the self-love she has and this is what she wants you all to know “if you are not comfortable because you think you don’t look good, try to step out of your comfort zone. The more you step out the bigger your comfort zone gets. I was barely comfortable in a one piece, and now I am so happy in a two-piece playing in the water!

We lover her attitude! The last question we asked Jazzy was what body positivity meant to her and she said, “To me body positivity is not putting myself down. I used to say ‘you’re disgusting’ while looking in the mirror and now [I speak positively] to myself and love the skin I am in every day because I deserve to.”

Truer words have never been spoken!
We hope you all rock it in your favorite swimwear this summer, because you deserve it!


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