Found: 3 Dress Fits that Suit ALL Body Shapes

Dresses – you either love them or fear them. For those who gave up on the search, fear no longer! You know what, we dare you to give it another try because you haven’t tried Addition Elle’s new dresses!

Some women find it helpful to follow guidelines about what dress silhouettes look best on their specific body shape, but what’s cool about these dresses is that no matter your shape, you’ll know these will look fabulous to fit!

Here are the 3 styles you need to look for: Shirt Dress, A-Line, and Fit & Flare. Learn about them here and give us your feedback in the comments below.

  1. The Shirt Dress

 When a flowy silhouette gets an expertly-cut fit, this slightly structured number becomes your day-to-night go-to.

addition elle shirt dress

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  1. The A-Line dress

So easy to wear – just slip it on and voila, no more uncomfortable scrunching at the hips. Transition it to fall, by sporting a cute plain tee underneath!

addition elle a-line dress

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  1. The Fit & Flare

Ah, the queen of all dresses. Flatters your figure in all the right places by smoothing out on top, to cinching at the waist and to finally flaring out in style.

addition elle fit & flare

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We’d love to know…what are your experiences with dresses?

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