Picking The Right Workout Gear

I’ve coached thousands of plus-size women to find their inner athlete and I always encourage them to find the appropriate gear for the activities they’d like to do.  It’s very important that you focus on the workout at hand and not any potential wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort from the wrong gear; been there, done that!

Here are some great pieces that can help you find, hone and elevate the athlete that lives within.

The Nola Legging Compression Pant

This legging is fantastic for any exercise where there’s going to be bounce, such as running or athletic training where the skin will be moving along with your movement.  Having a good compression pant helps restrict that movement so you can focus 100% on the workout without worrying about any discomfort.  The Nola Legging Compression comes with a thick waste band so your pants always stay in place.

Nola Compression Pants available here

Nola Compression Pants available here

Nola Yoga Flow Pant

The full-length yoga pant has a nice flow to it so you can practice yoga with free flowing movement to hit all the poses.  With a high waistband these pants never shift position so you can child’s pose or downward dog focusing on the move and not you pants.  The Nola Yoga Flow Pant comes in a light, breathable fabric with an interior key pocket built into the waistband. Also great for walking and with a fashionable look you can dress them up and wear them around town.

Nola Yoga Flow Pant available here

Nola Yoga Flow Pants available here

Nola Yoga Flow Capri

Like the full length Yoga Flow Pant the Capri has the high waist, key pocket and comes in a great light fabric with breathability.  The Capri is great for any hot yoga classes, spin classes, or weight training.  The light fabric will keep you cool and the pants will stay in place so you perform each session like the athlete you are!

Nola Yoga Capri available here

Nola Yoga Capri available here

Addition Elle is definitely forwarding thinking in recognizing that plus-size women are active in a variety of fitness activities.   They recognize that we want the same fashionable, functional fitness wear that other women can buy.

Athleticism has no size, gear up and get out there! Check them out!

Do you have questions for Louise about health and fitness? We’re asking your questions for an upcoming post where she will be answering anything you’ve ever wanted to know! Let us know in the comments below.

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