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We can’t help sharing when we meet new inspiring women! With her beauty, brains and motivation, Lauren Chan is our new girl crush. Multi-talented as both a model and writer in some major publications (*ahem* Vogue Italia and Cosmopolitan), this Canadian girl is making her way through the fashion world and proving that she is one to look out for.

Lauren started writing while she was in school at Western University. She was a varsity basketball player when her appendix ruptured and all of a sudden found herself with a lot of free time during her recovery. After a few months of surfing the internet, she discovered her love for fashion writing, and around the same time was signed with FORD Model’s plus-size division (Lauren is currently signed to JAG models, the agency that represents names like Philomena Kwao, Georgina Burke and Elly Mayday). Lauren moved to New York, where she was interning for a few magazines, and her modelling career flourished.

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But Lauren felt that the worlds of plus-size modelling and writing were separate:

“I guess you could say it became my mission to connect them. My mindset became: Why can’t a size 16 model cover Interview and get a feature story? I wanted to help create that change in the industry, and writing was the best way I knew how to spread my message. I basically pitched everyone I could, and eventually, those pitches became stories that grew into a body of work.”

The rest is history! Lauren is now a regular contributor for Cosmopolitan, Vogue Italia, Dress to Kill Magazine, The Globe & Mail, to name a few.

Lauren Chan by Kristiina Wilson edited

Lauren Chan by Kristiina Wilson 

Her fashion must haves?

My top five must-have fashion pieces are a go-to purse like Mansur Gavriel’s Bucket Bag, a pair of custom Nike’s to get around New York City in, a comfortable and stylish black jumpsuit for any occasion, a gorgeous piece of outerwear and a super fun phone case

To Lauren, “Fashion Democracy” means:

Fashion Democracy means having a fashion world where no bodies are superior to others. That’s such old news! Traditionally, the industry praises tall, thin bodies, but recently it’s amazing to see brands like Addition Elle, agencies like JAG, and a bunch of publications pushing for the inclusion of a wider range of bodies. I think we’re on the brink of a body revolution, and I couldn’t be more excited!

You can check out Lauren’s portfolio and blog here, and to see what she’s been up to lately follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

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