Healthy 2015

Being healthy doesn’t always mean how physically fit we are. When talking about a healthy lifestyle take it into consideration, but our mental health and well being are just as important too. With the beginning of a New Year come new goals, and here at Addition Elle we have a goal of staying healthy in 2015. This means managing the stress in our lives, having a clear mind and staying active! Here are a few ways that we’ll be having a healthier 2015:

Managing Stress

Stress is a major factor in many parts of our lives, but to maintain our overall health we are working on managing it. Yoga does amazing things for our bodies and our mental state. Just taking 60-minutes a day for our-selves to concentrate on our body and mind makes the world of a difference. Stay comfortable while in pigeon pose with our Nola Yoga pant. For the woman on the go it’ll make going from the yoga studio to the grocery store that much easier.

Yoga Pant available at

Yoga Pant available at

Work on Fatigue

Fatigue can have a serious impact on your everyday performance and overall health. It can be a result of stress, lack of sleep or even long hours spent on a tough task at work. One of the best ways that we combat that 3pm fatigue feeling is by tackling it early on in the day. Exercising first thing in the morning can help, and we won’t be as bogged down by the day’s mental burdens and stress. If you’re starting your day with a workout, this Nola top with a pair of skinny jeans can take you from the gym to the office easily!

Nola Top

Nola Top available at

Get Outside!

By the end of January we’re feeling a bit stir crazy with all that hibernating, so we’ll be getting outside more. Whether that means taking our cardio exercise from the treadmill out to the sidewalk, or just taking a brisk walk through the park on the weekends. It’s important to always be prepared for those chilly temperatures by wearing the appropriate outdoor activewear.  Layer up with our Nola Raglan T-shirt under your sweater to keep the heat in but also to stay dry.

Nola T-shirt available at

Nola T-shirt available at

These are just a few of the ways that we’ll be staying healthy in 2015. How will you achieve your health goals for the year? Share with us in the comments below!

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