Georgina Burke

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Georgina Burke is wise beyond her years. She is all about breaking down barriers, and pushing boundaries. The blonde Australian is one of our favourite plus-size models, and her shining personality is one of the many reasons why we love working with her!

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Even though she was often bullied about her looks growing up, it only made her rebel more to the bullies. Sporting crazy outfits and dyeing her hair pink made her stand out and ultimately, made her more confident with herself.

Georgina in our Fall '14 campaign

Georgina in our Fall ’14 campaign

While studying her degree in business law, Georgina was discovered at a friends fashion show. She was shortly signed after, and moved straight to London! Since then her career has blown up in a major way.

Ultimately, Georgina has said that she doesn’t see herself doing fashion forever. She’d like to finish her degree and get back into riding!

Whatever the future holds for her, we can’t wait to see where she will go! Be sure to follow Georgina on her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see what exciting things she is up to!

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