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Have you seen our newest lingerie commercial? Perhaps you’re wondering who are those handsome gentlemen with Ashley?! They are actually BROTHERS, models and two of the nicest guys. They let us pick their brains and ask them a few questions about themselves.  Here’s what these two hunks had to say!


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Name: Jeffrey Finn

Hometown: Blainville

Modeling since: I started modeling 2 years ago with  Dulcedo model management. Amazing model agency btw !

How were you discovered?  My international agent (Karim Rekik) discovered me on a football field .

3 words that best describe you: I would say outgoing , athletic and party animal (of course when its the right time lol )

Favorite color: Probably red

Favorite city: Banff in Alberta , it’s so peaceful and beautiful !

Hidden talent: I’m a  good snowboarder and skateboarder. I’m acceptable at cooking as well ( or maybe think I am haha) .

I never leave home without my : Cellphone . Sad but true!

My guilty pleasure is: Eating Haagen-Dazs ice cream while I’m watching the “Biggest Loser” on TV. Shame on me…

What was it like working with Ashley Graham? She was actually one of the greatest girl I’ve worked with ! She have a great positive energy and she’s so nice to everyone. It was definitely a nice day of work ! Thanks Ashley xo

What is the sexiest thing about a woman? Her self confidence over everything !

Favorite quote: You’ll always miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.



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Name: Joey Finn

 Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Modeling since: September 2013…pretty much 5 months now

How were you discovered? : As you may know, I have a pretty handsome brother (Jeff) who has been working with Dulcedo Model management for the past 2 years. Back in June 2013, I appeared on a family picture that was posted on Facebook and got noticed by Noémie Monic, agent from the agency, that’s basically how I was introduced. Thanks to social medias 🙂 !

3 words that best describe you: simplicity, will, and dedication

Favorite color: Couldn’t decide between black and grey

Favorite city: Blainville, it is where I grew up and met my fiancée

Hidden talent: I can fix pretty much any electronics, sometimes not even knowing what I’m doing.

I never leave home without my ____: PHONE, not that I use it so much, but if my girl would call and I would not answer, I would be in so much trouble, hahaha, I love her.

My perfect “day off” is: Food, lot’s of food watching TV series at home.

My guilty pleasure is: Great food, and challenging myself physically and mentally on events like Tough mudders / Spartan Race.

What was it like working with Ashley Graham? Incredible. I mean, how can someone so talented and famous possibly be that kind and humble towards models who have been around for few months like me? She is definitely a great individual !

What is the sexiest thing about a woman? The look in her eyes is what really gets me, but sexy curves can help too!

Favorite quote: Life’s just what you make it


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